Team I Natsu no Concert ~Yuujou Heart~ (チームI夏のコンサート〜友情のハート〜) was Team I's concert performance at the Morioka Civic Cultural Hall.The concert was held August 1,2012,and was officially released on DVD + Blu-Ray September 8,2013.


(Announcer: Roman)

  1. Nigeru
  2. Onna Butterfly
  3. Give me Strength!
  4. MC 1
  5. Oogoe Diamond
  6. Amayakasa rete Sodatta Shojo
  7. DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! (Hayata Nami, Hiroyuki Jun,Ichiko Maasa)
  8. over-rated
  9. IWB NEWS!
  10. Positive Noggin' (Akutagawa Suzume and Akaike Amy)
  11. Gold no Tasogare (Hideyoshi Chisa and Gensai Hana)
  12. Shiawasena Ichi Nichi no Rieki 
  13. BridexBride Debut Announcement
  14. Hanayome to Hanayome (BridexBride)
  16. Kokoro no Power!
  17. MC 2
  18. Nanka Nomu? (Hideyoshi Chisa,Gensai Hana,Akutagawa Suzume,Hiroyuki Jun & Genji Ran)
  19. THE TEAM I THEME ~Powerful to Wonderful!~
  20. ENDING

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