Roman (ローマン; Birth name: Goto Atsushi (後藤敦)) was born August 12,1963.Roman is the former theater director of IWB48,and is the current music video director of HKT48.


  • Stage Name: Roman (ローマン)
  • Birth Name: Goto Atsushi (後藤敦)
  • Birthdate: August 12,1963 (age 50)
  • Birthplace: Osaka,Japan
  • Theater Director of IWB48: January 8,2010 - January 4,2013





  • Roman retired from being the theater director due to having the urge to shoot music videos.
  • Team I member Hayata Nami stated that she grew jealous when she found out that Roman would be working with HKT48.

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